What is XRP?

Ripple is also known as XRP. XRP is the 2nd largest market cap coin. Eobot has Cloud Mining of BTC that can automatically be converted into XRP. Ripple, or XRP, is a payment protocol that functions as a payment system, currency exchange and a remittance network and works with fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. Ripple uses a shared public ledger like the Bitcoin blockchain and holds balances as well as buy and sell orders, which makes it the first distributed exchange. Changes in the ledger are reached through a process known as consensus.

Ripple's infancy began in 2004 with the creation of RipplePay by creator Ryan Fugger. In 2011, Jed McCaleb conceived of a new system which was to be built by Arthur Britto and David Schwartz. This new system was designed to be faster and use less energy than Bitcoin. From there, the team approached Fugger. After a long term debate with established members of the community, Fugger handed control over to McCaleb and his team. In 2012, OpenCoin, Inc. was formed.

OpenCoin began development and received early investments from the likes of Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures. This is about the time they began incorporating Bitcoin into the mix, with what they titled the Bitcoin Bridge. It allowed anyone to send a payment in any currency to a Bitcoin address.

Since then, Ripple has been focused on expanding into the banking market. This has been a source of much debate. Ripple is moving more and more into compliance with FinCEN and other regulatory boards. Adding to the debate is the controversy over the security of Ripple’s "consensus".

Whatever your stance, Ripple is an exciting addition to the cryptocurrency world. You can learn more about Ripple at their website,, or at the page, .
Market Capitalization
$10,941,048,379 usdc

Market Capitalization Ratio of XRP/BTC

Current Market Rates
0.24378634 XRP/USD
18.55626017 XRP/ARS
0.34107927 XRP/AUD
0.41443677 XRP/AZN
1.68238608 XRP/BOB
1.37300465 XRP/BRL
0.48513481 XRP/BYN
0.32617149 XRP/CAD
0.22414325 XRP/CHF
191.25038071 XRP/CLP
1.66176956 XRP/CNY
947.58529931 XRP/COP
146.85371968 XRP/CRC
5.64377558 XRP/CZK
1.54577602 XRP/DKK
0.20759255 XRP/EUR
0.18950121 XRP/GBP
1.88935629 XRP/HKD
75.84680490 XRP/HUF
3636.26823278 XRP/IDR
0.84039854 XRP/ILS
17.97351331 XRP/INR
25.76553408 XRP/JPY
284.95087794 XRP/KRW
104.84406817 XRP/KZT
5.45478266 XRP/MXN
1.01366359 XRP/MYR
4.18215460 XRP/NAD
93.37016675 XRP/NGN
2.29317008 XRP/NOK
0.36921075 XRP/NZD
0.24378634 XRP/PAB
0.87580241 XRP/PEN
11.79511430 XRP/PHP
40.52947839 XRP/PKR
0.94013763 XRP/PLN
1699.56863180 XRP/PYG
1.01105507 XRP/RON
24.40057439 XRP/RSD
19.25512246 XRP/RUB
0.91442451 XRP/SAR
2.18520808 XRP/SEK
0.33350093 XRP/SGD
7.70267308 XRP/THB
1.90641159 XRP/TRY
7.07321676 XRP/TWD
6.89585976 XRP/UAH
10.36357412 XRP/UYU
29229.98170468 XRP/VEF
5653.64892171 XRP/VND
4.12655181 XRP/ZAR
0.00002248 XRP/BTC
0.00068011 XRP/ETH
0.00535964 XRP/LTC
0.00107337 XRP/BCH
94.07334769 XRP/DOGE
1.00000000 XRP/XRP
0.00353395 XRP/DASH
9.20999945 XRP/TRX
2.39722642 XRP/ADA
3.89000810 XRP/CURE
2.01574989 XRP/XEM
0.00242242 XRP/XMR
0.00399338 XRP/ZEC
0.10999844 XRP/XTZ
840.30595651 XRP/BCN
1.45903272 XRP/STEEM
0.20940611 XRP/LSK
0.09431827 XRP/EOS
0.24378634 XRP/USDC
3.28818327 XRP/XLM
0.04520796 XRP/ETC
0.39956927 XRP/GRIN

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