What is Cloud SETI?

Mining turns your machine into money, while SETI turns your machine into an alien finding satellite. You can purchase BPPD (BOINC Points Per Day) to search in the cloud with Eobot's hardware instead of running it on your own machine.

- 0% electricity/maintenance fee applied to Cloud SETI.
- You will earn Gridcoins for your Cloud SETI.
- Gridcoins will be distributed by using GRC via DPOR.
- Eobot will not receive any Gridcoins as a fee, and 100% of Gridcoins will be distributed back to users. For instance, if Eobot has 1000 BPPD in total supply, and you have leased 100 BPPD, then you will get 10% of the Gridcoins paid out.
- SETI is largely a charitable action. In other words, don't expect to earn a large amount of Gridcoins back to pay for your investment.
- To verify Eobot is processing on your behalf, you can visit SETI@home's stat page.
- Cloud SETI contracts are 1 year in duration.

Help the world find aliens. SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) by simply running a piece of software on your computer or in our cloud.

The problems we are trying to solve require so many calculations, we ask people to donate their unused computer power to crunch some of the numbers.

For more information on SETI and how it works, please visit SETI@home.

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Cloud SETI Pricing

Current BPPD price: $0.00
BPPD Supply: 0
BPPD Demand: 0
BPPD Available: 0
Mining per day 1.0 BPPD: ∞ GRC

Example of SETI YouTube Video

What are they currently researching?

We are assigned work units, and the project generally changes daily, or sometimes even more often. However, here's our latest research contribution for those interested:

Graduate student Lauren Weiss is searching for planets

Graduate student Lauren Weiss is working with Berkeley SETI Research Center's Prof. Geoff Marcy, searching for Earth twins and exploring where life might be found in the Universe. Find out more in our latest video profile: https://youtu.be/7KG50exx_rg