How the MyPool Works

- Rent a cloud miner and mine directly to your own pool/workerID
- Tired of using Eobot's pool and paying our electricity/maintenance fees? MyPool has 0% electricity/maintenance fee.
- Allows you to mine another coin that isn't supported in Eobot
- Make sure your pool info is correct, we will not pay for downtime due to invalid data
- Unlike the normal Cloud which has immediate activation, MyPool is a manual process so please provide 24 hours to get started
- If you have a 180 day withdraw hold, then MyPool is not available
- Only GHS/MHS can be converted
- No returns/exchanges

SHA-256 Rates 1.0 THS
24 hour rental
Scrypt Rates 1.0 GHS
24 hour rental
0.0008 BTC 0.1000 BTC
$5.86 $732.13
Buy SHA-256 MyPool Buy Scrypt MyPool

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