What is MAID?

MaidSafeCoin is also known as MAID. It has a good development team, with some interesting ideas behind it, such as farming to share your computer as a distributed Dropbox or Google Drive. The coin also has a large market cap, in the top 5. MaidSafe aims to create a decentralized Internet, to be called the SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone) Network, by tapping unused computing resources to perform many of the tasks common to servers currently running the Internet (ie. httpd, ssh, scp, ftp, smtp, pop3, imap, etc.). Safecoin is to be the credit system used by the SAFE Network. It will be issued to what they have named Farmers and Builders. Farmers are users of the MaidSafe client that will receive safecoin in exchange for running a node, committing their unused computer resources to the SAFE Network, such as storage space, CPU, and bandwidth. Builders are Open Source developers who will receive safecoin for building popular applications that utilize the SAFE Network.

Safecoin has a cap of 4.3 billion coins, of which only 10% have been released via this intermediary MaidSafeCoin. Despite only having 10% of the possible coins in circulation at this point, MaidSafeCoin hit the top 5 market cap in the cryptocurrency world! Once the SAFE Network goes into beta, MaidSafeCoins will be traded on a 1:1 basis for safecoins. Once the SAFE Network goes live, only the network will able to generate new coins, so get in on the ground floor with this new technology!

Once the SAFE Network goes live, the system will utilise a Proof of Resource (P.O.R) model to determine that it is able to use the resource that has been committed to it by Farmers. This is analogous to Bitcoin miners providing hashing power in a Proof of Work (P.O.W) model in exchange for bitcoin. Applications built by Builders will have their information built into them so the Builders will receive safecoin based on how often their applications are used.

Eobot has Cloud Mining to help build MAID. You can find out more about MaidSafeCoin at
Market Capitalization
$200,050,794 USD

Market Capitalization Ratio of MAID/BTC

Current Market Rates
0.48355903 MAID/USD
8.31383032 MAID/ARS
0.64255323 MAID/AUD
0.82205034 MAID/AZN
1.59057070 MAID/BRL
0.91876215 MAID/BYN
0.62087528 MAID/CAD
0.47920699 MAID/CHF
3.19690543 MAID/CNY
10.48343878 MAID/CZK
3.05184739 MAID/DKK
0.41009190 MAID/EUR
0.36187623 MAID/GBP
3.77561436 MAID/HKD
128.71567560 MAID/HUF
6550.77411628 MAID/IDR
1.70155233 MAID/ILS
31.12427667 MAID/INR
54.82205382 MAID/JPY
527.94974387 MAID/KRW
161.52322123 MAID/KZT
9.17009247 MAID/MXN
1.97219548 MAID/MYR
6.60299849 MAID/NAD
4.04176042 MAID/NOK
24.33752575 MAID/PHP
1.72346239 MAID/PLN
1.89922643 MAID/RON
49.12717918 MAID/RSD
28.67974073 MAID/RUB
4.09571593 MAID/SEK
15.77369541 MAID/THB
1.85082217 MAID/TRY
14.50483652 MAID/TWD
13.06914978 MAID/UAH
5.18759705 MAID/VEF
6.60072576 MAID/ZAR
0.00002879 MAID/BTC
0.00103131 MAID/ETH
0.00293511 MAID/LTC
0.00034316 MAID/BCH
168.87093574 MAID/DOGE
1.98691940 MAID/XRP
0.00067470 MAID/DASH
1.53817275 MAID/GNT
2.74339304 MAID/BTS
1.07406930 MAID/CURE
1.11462076 MAID/XEM
0.00178897 MAID/XMR
0.00154926 MAID/ZEC
0.02307006 MAID/FCT
192.49961008 MAID/BCN
0.27489226 MAID/STEEM
0.05876780 MAID/LSK
1.00000000 MAID/MAID
0.48355903 MAID/USD
6.88680666 MAID/GRC
0.01697820 MAID/ETC

MAID Mining with Eobot

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