What is MAID?

MaidSafeCoin is also known as MAID. It has a good development team, with some interesting ideas behind it, such as farming to share your computer as a distributed Dropbox or Google Drive. The coin also has a large market cap, in the top 5. MaidSafe aims to create a decentralized Internet, to be called the SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone) Network, by tapping unused computing resources to perform many of the tasks common to servers currently running the Internet (ie. httpd, ssh, scp, ftp, smtp, pop3, imap, etc.). Safecoin is to be the credit system used by the SAFE Network. It will be issued to what they have named Farmers and Builders. Farmers are users of the MaidSafe client that will receive safecoin in exchange for running a node, committing their unused computer resources to the SAFE Network, such as storage space, CPU, and bandwidth. Builders are Open Source developers who will receive safecoin for building popular applications that utilize the SAFE Network.

Safecoin has a cap of 4.3 billion coins, of which only 10% have been released via this intermediary MaidSafeCoin. Despite only having 10% of the possible coins in circulation at this point, MaidSafeCoin hit the top 5 market cap in the cryptocurrency world! Once the SAFE Network goes into beta, MaidSafeCoins will be traded on a 1:1 basis for safecoins. Once the SAFE Network goes live, only the network will able to generate new coins, so get in on the ground floor with this new technology!

Once the SAFE Network goes live, the system will utilise a Proof of Resource (P.O.R) model to determine that it is able to use the resource that has been committed to it by Farmers. This is analogous to Bitcoin miners providing hashing power in a Proof of Work (P.O.W) model in exchange for bitcoin. Applications built by Builders will have their information built into them so the Builders will receive safecoin based on how often their applications are used.

Eobot has Cloud Mining to help build MAID. You can find out more about MaidSafeCoin at
Market Capitalization
$79,245,548 USD

Market Capitalization Ratio of MAID/BTC

Current Market Rates
0.17654539 MAID/USD
10.31884860 MAID/RUB
2.73216351 MAID/ARS
0.23011653 MAID/AUD
0.31601625 MAID/AZN
0.54923271 MAID/BRL
0.33190534 MAID/BYN
0.23136274 MAID/CAD
0.17795775 MAID/CHF
1.21327289 MAID/CNY
4.51677260 MAID/CZK
1.24277363 MAID/DKK
0.16715940 MAID/EUR
0.14168972 MAID/GBP
0.00013672 MAID/GOLD
1.37018643 MAID/HKD
51.57420511 MAID/HUF
2353.35006358 MAID/IDR
0.65189386 MAID/ILS
11.76468474 MAID/INR
19.81942697 MAID/JPY
3.51547776 MAID/MXN
0.78394981 MAID/MYR
1.47881481 MAID/NOK
0.72110848 MAID/PLN
0.75519057 MAID/RON
20.71848437 MAID/RSD
1.59542304 MAID/SEK
6.15437233 MAID/THB
0.63676392 MAID/TRY
4.75348466 MAID/UAH
0.00014936 MAID/BTC
0.01217476 MAID/ETH
0.04464461 MAID/LTC
1.60092576 MAID/STEEM
855.84408070 MAID/DOGE
31.48706675 MAID/XRP
0.00622823 MAID/DASH
7500.36939313 MAID/RDD
44.89011096 MAID/BTS
3.57160893 MAID/CURE
27.41856556 MAID/XEM
0.01450305 MAID/XMR
0.00598988 MAID/ZEC
0.05909031 MAID/FCT
3753.04894838 MAID/BCN
0.03497141 MAID/REP
1.34822996 MAID/LSK
1.00000000 MAID/MAID
0.17654539 MAID/USD
28.85273050 MAID/GRC
0.00013672 MAID/GOLD

MAID Mining with Eobot

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