What is DOGE?

Dogecoin (DOGE) is a cryptocurrency that started as a joke coin, but it quickly gained a fervent following and real credibility. Dogecoin uses a Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm, but it uses Scrypt (using the source from Luckycoin, which was based on Litecoin) instead of SHA-256 (the basis for Bitcoin). As there is no real limit of coins there are nearly 100 billion Dogecoin on the market. Production will slow down once the 100 billion mark is reached.

Dogecoin was intended to be fast, light, cheap, and easy to use. It was intended to reach a broader audience than Bitcoin, as well as separate a cryptocurrency from Bitcoin’s shady past (scandals, Silk Road, etc). Although there aren’t many industrial uses, Dogecoin has gained traction with a very large fanbase. Shibes, as they are known, mainly use DOGE for tipping online. However, this fanbase has done some pretty remarkable things. In 2014, they helped raise funds to send the Jamaican Bobsled team to Sochi for the Winter Olympics, as well as another athlete, Shiva Keshavan. They also built a well in Kenya and sponsored a NASCAR for a race.

In September 2014, Dogecoin officially switched over to merged mining with Litecoin. This was due to several factors, including a significant decrease in value. The decrease in incentive to mine the coin could have been disastrous, with many miners threatening to move to hashing more profitable coins. The move to merged mining brought some stability to the coin, as well as increased security to both blockchains. Indeed, both coins enjoy a much larger hashing pool working together. While there were many voices on both sides of the argument, many viewed the move as an example of how openly competing coins can work together for mutual benefit. It remains to be seen if the move was the correct one, but for now it appears that Dogecoin will continue to thrive.

Interesting note, the mascot for Dogecoin is Doge, the Shiba Inu breed of dog from Japan. It is based on an Internet meme. You can read more about it here:

Dogecoin is also known as DOGE. Dogecoin sets itself apart from other digital currencies with an amazing, vibrant community made up of friendly folks just like you. It is used frequently in tipping and is favored by Shiba Inus worldwide. Eobot has Cloud Mining to help build DOGE. For more information, see the Dogecoin website at or the Doge coin Wikipedia page at
Market Capitalization
$343,699,792 USD

Market Capitalization Ratio of DOGE/BTC

Current Market Rates
0.00297023 DOGE/USD
0.04805445 DOGE/ARS
0.00392499 DOGE/AUD
0.00531671 DOGE/AZN
0.00993007 DOGE/BRL
0.00558403 DOGE/BYN
0.00394283 DOGE/CAD
0.00287891 DOGE/CHF
0.02030419 DOGE/CNY
0.06970237 DOGE/CZK
0.01977430 DOGE/DKK
0.00265353 DOGE/EUR
0.00232104 DOGE/GBP
0.00000230 DOGE/GOLD
0.02316993 DOGE/HKD
0.82162483 DOGE/HUF
39.55157355 DOGE/IDR
0.01051461 DOGE/ILS
0.19157474 DOGE/INR
0.33052860 DOGE/JPY
0.05347215 DOGE/MXN
0.01273634 DOGE/MYR
0.03840878 DOGE/NAD
0.02533635 DOGE/NOK
0.01120593 DOGE/PLN
0.01214200 DOGE/RON
0.32241839 DOGE/RSD
0.17658845 DOGE/RUB
0.02595713 DOGE/SEK
0.10077988 DOGE/THB
0.01042224 DOGE/TRY
0.07732636 DOGE/UAH
0.00000110 DOGE/BTC
0.00000904 DOGE/ETH
0.00006570 DOGE/LTC
0.00131875 DOGE/STEEM
1.00000000 DOGE/DOGE
0.01002619 DOGE/XRP
0.00001604 DOGE/DASH
0.00447785 DOGE/GNT
0.00939171 DOGE/BTS
0.01476523 DOGE/CURE
0.01528792 DOGE/XEM
0.00005857 DOGE/XMR
0.00000782 DOGE/ZEC
0.00008750 DOGE/FCT
1.55300919 DOGE/BCN
0.00009281 DOGE/REP
0.00085598 DOGE/LSK
0.00537962 DOGE/MAID
0.00297023 DOGE/USD
0.03474802 DOGE/GRC
0.00000230 DOGE/GOLD

DOGE Mining with Eobot

Eobot is the easiest, cheapest, and best way to mine DOGE. You can mine and hash cryptocurrency with Cloud Mining, or you can use any CPU or GPU for any coin, SHA-256 or Scrypt, any computer, as many computers, and with immediate mining results.

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