What is DASH?

Initially released as XCoin, then known as DarkCoin, Dash is a cryptocurrency aimed at bringing privacy back to transactions. This is something the Dash community feels Bitcoin has lost. Dash changed its name so as to distance itself from the growing notoriety of the DarkWeb. Dash uses X11, which is a chained hashing algorithm, instead of SHA-256 like Bitcoin, or Scrypt like Litecoin. This method allows CPUs and GPUs to both compete in mining.

Dash uses Darksend as a method of achieving privacy in transactions. For this, it uses Masternodes. These are similar to Bitcoin tumblers, in a way. Transactions are all sent to a Masternode. Identical inputs are all into one transaction with various outgoing transactions. This process can be done multiple times to increase the obfuscation of the transactions.

Dash is near-instant due to the InstantX service. This is a service that allows one to lock inputs to only specific transactions and verify through consensus. If consensus cannot be reached, the transaction falls back on standard verification. This process also allows Dash to solve the double spending problem without the long wait times of Bitcoin.

You can learn more about Dash at their website,, or, Dash is also known as DASH. Eobot has Cloud Mining to help build DASH.
Market Capitalization
$1,847,780,914 usdc

Market Capitalization Ratio of DASH/BTC

Current Market Rates
154.37788697 DASH/USD
14974.65503607 DASH/ARS
209.95392628 DASH/AUD
262.44240785 DASH/AZN
1065.20742009 DASH/BOB
802.76501224 DASH/BRL
370.50692873 DASH/BYN
192.97235871 DASH/CAD
142.02765601 DASH/CHF
119642.86240163 DASH/CLP
1000.36870756 DASH/CNY
592347.95230329 DASH/COP
95868.66780827 DASH/CRC
3396.31351334 DASH/CZK
972.58068791 DASH/DKK
131.22120392 DASH/EUR
111.15207862 DASH/GBP
1204.14751836 DASH/HKD
46004.61031701 DASH/HUF
2217329.59054786 DASH/IDR
494.00923830 DASH/ILS
11423.96363577 DASH/INR
16827.18967971 DASH/JPY
179387.10465896 DASH/KRW
65610.60196218 DASH/KZT
3056.68216200 DASH/MXN
648.38712527 DASH/MYR
2207.60378367 DASH/NAD
63449.31154461 DASH/NGN
1343.08761664 DASH/NOK
216.12904176 DASH/NZD
154.37788697 DASH/PAB
617.51154788 DASH/PEN
7718.89434849 DASH/PHP
25317.97346305 DASH/PKR
586.63597049 DASH/PLN
1068294.97783132 DASH/PYG
632.94933658 DASH/RON
15437.78869698 DASH/RSD
11315.89911489 DASH/RUB
571.19818179 DASH/SAR
1327.64982794 DASH/SEK
200.69125306 DASH/SGD
5140.78363610 DASH/THB
1312.21203924 DASH/TRY
4291.70525776 DASH/TWD
4106.45179340 DASH/UAH
6638.24913970 DASH/UYU
64823274.73863730 DASH/VEF
3524447.15952153 DASH/VND
2315.66830455 DASH/ZAR
0.00789295 DASH/BTC
0.11569433 DASH/ETH
2.41928260 DASH/LTC
0.82961089 DASH/BCH
2480.76308806 DASH/DOGE
384.64632998 DASH/XRP
1.00000000 DASH/DASH
1830.92741122 DASH/TRX
261.53824371 DASH/ADA
5706.52736372 DASH/CURE
3051.26407792 DASH/XEM
0.68160855 DASH/XMR
1.37013277 DASH/ZEC
80.35391334 DASH/XTZ
532124.40049352 DASH/BCN
579.13361052 DASH/STEEM
117.78455650 DASH/LSK
120.45592624 DASH/EOS
154.37788697 DASH/USDC
1110.54389358 DASH/XLM
6.92897212 DASH/ETC
253.02755323 DASH/GRIN

DASH Mining with Eobot

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