Public Audit

amounts below are block explorer links
User BalancesEobot Hot WalletEobot Cold WalletRatio
BTCBTC110 BTC16 BTC116 BTC120%
ETHETH1456 ETH74 ETH1555 ETH112%
LTCLTC2415 LTC336 LTC2726 LTC127%
DOGEDOGE80482203 DOGE7983867 DOGE78185674 DOGE107%
XRPXRP925391 XRP43847 XRP1086428 XRP122%
GNTGNT99100 GNT64593 GNT24548 GNT90%
BTSBTS445574 BTS268158 BTS426246 BTS156%
CURECURE48464 CURE15315 CURE96686 CURE231%
XEMXEM1454286 XEM269127 XEM1210000 XEM102%
XMRXMR1372 XMR0 XMR1309 XMR95%
FCTFCT723 FCT226 FCT838 FCT147%
BCNBCN76331183 BCN95162458 BCN0 BCN125%
REPREP199 REP123 REP211 REP168%
LSKLSK15686 LSK2836 LSK17061 LSK127%
MAIDMAID54183 MAID14892 MAID45966 MAID112%
GRCGRC210206 GRC138207 GRC337527 GRC226%
We believe every cryptocurrency site (whether it is an exchange or mining pool) should go through a real-time public audit. In fact, one of the greatest strengths of cryptocurrency is the ability to use the global ledger to verify holdings. If the classical banking system were as easy to audit and verify, then perhaps some of the past financial crises and bubbles could have been avoided. After the Mt. Gox insolvency, and many other failures, it is only prudent to provide a real-time, easy to understand, verifiable, and transparent audit.

A hot wallet is connected to the website and used to send payments. The hot wallet is essentially "at risk", in the event of a hacker draining the funds. A cold wallet is kept off the codebase and is used to hold excess funds and replenish the hot wallet when needed.

Balances are updated every 60 seconds. To independently verify amounts, use the API/Social page and crawl each user and use the provided Block Explorer links.

Fiat amounts shown are the equivalents if cryptocurrency is traded on the popular exchanges, such as Bittrex.
Eobot does not allow fiat (USD/EUR/JPY/GBP/CNY/RUB/etc.) in or out. Fiat amounts are for illustrative purposes only.
Eobot has no opinion regarding alleged relative values of virtual currencies in relation to fiat currencies.
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