Public Audit

amounts below are block explorer links
User BalancesEobot Hot WalletEobot Cold WalletRatio
ETHETH359 ETH134 ETH625 ETH211%
LTCLTC1299 LTC137 LTC1788 LTC148%
BCHBCH133 BCH46 BCH167 BCH160%
DOGEDOGE74993744 DOGE3580234 DOGE81150676 DOGE113%
XRPXRP584751 XRP60480 XRP596069 XRP112%
GNTGNT95558 GNT152590 GNT0 GNT160%
ADAADA559068 ADA189476 ADA425419 ADA110%
CURECURE117768 CURE119086 CURE61010 CURE153%
XEMXEM401904 XEM108092 XEM386317 XEM123%
XMRXMR543 XMR92 XMR712 XMR148%
ZECZEC74 ZEC132 ZEC166 ZEC403%
FCTFCT842 FCT835 FCT565 FCT166%
BCNBCN56501601 BCN13800423 BCN43788416 BCN102%
LSKLSK5049 LSK4301 LSK4731 LSK179%
EOSEOS1823 EOS624 EOS1958 EOS142%
USDUSD21599 USD0 USD64000 USD296%
XLMXLM40204 XLM54642 XLM75559 XLM324%
ETCETC1097 ETC1170 ETC740 ETC174%
We believe every cryptocurrency site (whether it is an exchange or mining pool) should go through a real-time public audit. In fact, one of the greatest strengths of cryptocurrency is the ability to use the global ledger to verify holdings. If the classical banking system were as easy to audit and verify, then perhaps some of the past financial crises and bubbles could have been avoided. After the Mt. Gox insolvency, and many other failures, it is only prudent to provide a real-time, easy to understand, verifiable, and transparent audit.

A hot wallet is connected to the website and used to send payments. The hot wallet is essentially "at risk", in the event of a hacker draining the funds. A cold wallet is kept off the codebase and is used to hold excess funds and replenish the hot wallet when needed.

Balances are updated every 60 seconds. To independently verify amounts, use the API/Social page and crawl each user and use the provided Block Explorer links. We currently have 88% of coins in cold storage, to protect our users from loss.

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